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VMK-CZ Ltd. was established in 1999 and specializes in the industrial automation. Its employees have developed and implemented many automation units that were created owing to their rich experience associated with the use of modern technology.

We do not seek traditional solutions but we endeavour to offer the processes that bring a high added value together with the optimization of production steps and with regard to safety and environmental friendliness. We help to find the optimal way that will meet all your requirements.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry is a major scope of activity for VMK-CZ Ltd. for several years.

Electrical industry

For 15-year existence, the company has developed, delivered and subsequently provided security for a large number of test machines.


31.01.2014 Termination of a new information system running

In accordance with the schedule for the implementation of the grant project called "Complex solutions of the company IS", the running of an information system was completed at the end of January.

24.01.2014 Delivery of three assembly machines - WOCO STV Vsetín

On the basis of the contract and schedule for implementation on January 24, 2014 it was delivered, installed and handed over three assembly lines ...

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